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About us

MULTIHUB Logistics Limited is a privately owned, leading International logistics service provider, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.MULTIHUB Logistics has since 2007 developed to become one of the most respected brand in International Freight Forwarding business especially in the Nigerian market and other places like West Africa, North Africa, Europe, Asia and The Middle East.

With the quest to continue to expand and meet the ever changing market place we had to go beyond our core area of Customs Clearance services. MULTIHUB Logistics has decided to diversify into other services that can offer our clients a comprehensive Logistics Solution and enable us create WOW solutions to our clients and in the process to become a formidable logistics solution provider, covering areas like global Airfreight Door to Door Solutions Worldwide, Global LCL-Groupage collaboration from China, Dubai, India and Saudi Arabia, warehousing, logistics, distribution of FMCG, dangerous cargo, transportation and trading services.

At MULTIHUB Logistics we pride ourselves by recruiting the very best hands with deep International trade Knowledge practical experience to handle all your questions and proffer solutions on the spot. We take pride in creating strategic solutions that gives our clients an advantage in the market place by always looking for ways to add value via timely delivery and also reducing the cost of Executing each project.

The brand MULTIHUB is today operating 8 national branch offices and joint ventures, with carefully selected Partners located strategically all over the world via global cargo network MULTIHUB is a registered member of.

With 50 dedicated staff working passionately 24hours a week due to different time zones of the world, we see ourselves as a unique brand that is here to make a difference by offering cost saving Logistics Solution while putting time as a rare commodity that must be used wisely to the advantage of our clients always and finally world-class customer service to every client that encounters the MULTIHUB Brand. Over 200 Partners in over 170 Nations of the World.