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Sea-freight Services

Multihub Logistics offers wide range of Seafreight Services due to the wealth of Experienced and knowledgeable team members we have been able to bring together to handle all your questions when it comes to global Logistics and International trade at all Level. Another solid reason why you should give MULTIHUB Logistics all your Seafreight Orders is that our Partners all over the world 195 Nations have been able to create solid relationships with most of the Major Shipping Lines in the World to enable us get Cheaper and very competitive rates. We have a very
We handle freight of all kinds to/from USA, West and Eastern Europe, Asian Tigers territories, Middle East and Africa.
At MULTIHUB Logistics , we consider ourselves the pathfinder for our shippers. We are here to find routes and ways to connect between the 6 Continents of the world.We handle all sea freight business in compliance with ISPS Code and all other international security standards and environmental standards. We are here to make a difference in the International Freight Forwarding business,ensuring at all times our clients come out with an advantage over its competitors.

20-foot Container Size
40-foot Container Size
Oversized Shipment

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L.C.L Ocean Consolidation

MULTIHUB Logistics specializes in consolidation, the shipment of many low volume shippers. Thus, a single carton or small volume shipment shares in the cost saving essential of full containerization.
MULTIHUB Logistics is organized for the purpose of handling thousands of different varieties of individual shipments. MULTIHUB staffs are LCL professionals recognized that each shipment requires its own full care and special attention.

MULTIHUB container freight stations are uniquely organized and situated to simplify delivery and eliminate delay and unnecessary charges usually associated with other competitors.
Our consignees will likely receive their merchandise much sooner because we utilize many different ocean lines to fit the needs of our shipper. No single steamship company can match the frequency or the volume of Multihub ocean consolidation.

Also, we will make certain that the supporting documentation is accurate and complete. Since without the necessary documents it is worthless for the shipment to arrive at the destination, we at MULTIHUB are equipped in latest computerization to make sure that the papers are already in waiting at the final destination.
We Consolidate Shipments all over the World.

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